Would you like to spend each day feeling good so you can focus on what’s important to you?
Koji fungi

Koji fungi
A cup in the morning will give you over 350 different* 100% naturally-derived nutrients ♪

*B vitamins, essential amino acids, dietary fiber, glucose, and oligosaccharides.
Drink it in the morning(Sweet and
Be in good health(Strong ♥)
Relax and sleep well(Reduce fatigue)

good morning(糀甘酒と南天)Koji fungi

A cup in the morning will thoroughly replenish your body

01 Don't you want a balanced nutritional intake? 02 Don’t you want to be in a good physical heath? 03 Don't you want to have beautiful skin? 04 Don't you want to improve your concentration? 05 Don't you want safe and reliable products?

Drinking just one cup every morning...

朝Moisturized my skin.Relieved fatigue on hot days.and more!… said customers who benefitted from the product.

Starting your everyday with a morning cup of Koji Amazake will help build your strong, radiant, healthy self.

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