Kita no Amazake Sumari HARD / SOFT

Kita no Amazake Sumari HARD / SOFT

Kita no Amazake Sumari HARD / SOFT

・Kita no Amazake Sumari HARD
The main ingredient is Mizubasho Musubi rice (a specially-cultivated variety) grown in the pure snowmelt of the mountains of Yubari, Hokkaido.
Made with rice grown on our own farm, rice Koji made with the same rice, and delicious Hokkaido water, this Amazake is a 100% product of Hokkaido and home-grown rice. We hope you’ll enjoy the sweetness of fermented rice, made with no added sugar whatsoever.
A full-bodied richness and crisp sweetness. This lineup offers two products made with rice polished to two levels.
HARD is a rich and full-bodied brew that showcases the flavor of the Koji.

・Kita no Amazake Sumari SOFT
SOFT features a refined mouthfeel and a mellower Koji flavor.

Quantity 900ml
Ingredients Rice (100% specially-cultivated Musubi rice) Rice Koji (made with rice grown on-site)

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Nutrition Information Per 100 g (Values shown are estimated.)
Calories Protein Fat Carbohydrates Salt equivalent Sugars Alcohol
107kcal 1.8g 0.3g 24.2g 0.0g 0g 0g

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