Koji Amazake made with Uonuma-grown Koshihikari rice

Koji Amazake made with Uonuma-grown Koshihikari rice

Uonuma Jozo’s Koji Amazake is made using branded Uonuma-grown Koshihikari rice and rice Koji, which have been highly regarded for over twenty years.
Unique mountainous climatic conditions; melted snow water of Uonuma’s heavy snowfall region; the efforts of producers in pursuit of quality— all these come together to create this delicious flavor.

Quantity 120g / 480g
Ingredients Rice (produced in Japan), rice Koji

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Nutrition Information Per 100 g (Values shown are estimated.)
Calories Protein Fat Carbohydrates Salt equivalent Sugars Alcohol
102kcal 1.7g 0.3g 23.1g 0.006g 0g 0g

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