Miso Ginger Hotpot

Miso Ginger Hotpot

Miso Ginger Hotpot

Perfect for people who are sensitive to the cold, this hotpot is made with Koji Amazake, miso paste, and ginger to warm you from the inside.

Cooking time

10 minutes


264 kcal


3.5 g

*Calories and salt are per serving.


Ingredients : 2 people serving

  • Pork 60 g
  • Napa cabbage 4 leaves
  • Thick fried tofu 1/2 sheet
  • Scallions 1 stalk


  • (a) Koji Amazake 125 ml
  • (a) Miso paste 2 tbsp
  • (a) Grated ginger 1 tbsp
  • (a) Ground white sesame seeds 1 tbsp
  • (a) Dashi broth 300mL
  • Shredded ginger 10g


  • 1Cut napa cabbage into 2 cm pieces. Cut thick fried tofu and pork into small pieces. Slice scallion diagonally into 1 cm pieces.
  • 2Add ingredients under (a) to pot and bring to a boil. Add napa cabbage, thick fried tofu, and pork to the pot and continue to boil. Add scallion.
  • 3Once the pork is cooked through and the vegetables are tender, scatter shredded ginger on top.

May substitute chicken for pork.
To tenderize the meat and increase the fermentation power of this dish, try marinating the meat in yogurt or Shio Koji!