Plus Koji – Koji Amazake LL, 1,000 ml

Plus Koji - Koji Amazake LL, 1,000 mL

Plus Koji – Koji Amazake LL, 1,000 mL

This unflavored Koji Amazake has natural sweetness produced by the saccharification of starches in rice and rice Koji. This Amazake has no added sugar and 0% alcohol content; it is easy for small children to drink and recommended as a remedy for heat exhaustion.
The packaging is narrower than before and consists of a cap, making it easier to store and to handle.

Quantity 1000ml
Ingredients Amazake (brewed domestically in Japan) (rice, rice Koji, salt)

Allergens contained in this product (Specified ingredients and their equivalents are shown)


Nutrition Information Per 100 ml (Values shown are estimated.)
Calories Protein Fat Carbohydrates Salt equivalent Alcohol
76kcal 1.3g 0.3g 23.1g 0.006g 0g

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